Hotel Bachmair Weissach: A Perfect Lake Getaway with a Luxury Twist

It took us good 5 hours of tedious driving to get through Vienna’s hectic Friday traffic and finally arrive to Bavaria. But what started out as a fairly uninspiring story, ended up being one of the best weekends we had in a long while. So read on.

The Place

Hotel Bachmair Weissach, a member of Design Hotels is roughly 95 kilometers (59 miles) and an hour-long drive from Munich Airport through Germany’s faster-than-light highways, scenic views, and meticulously maintained infrastructure.

We arrived around 8 in the evening and parked in the underground garage (there’s also a huge outside lot too). Check-in experience was hassle-free with very friendly and giggly staff (one of many reasons I love Germany so much :). Peculiar detail by the way: people at the reception shake everyone’s hand at arrival. Cute!

Our luggage was transferred to the room by one of the giggly reception ladies in a whimsical-looking micro carriage of sorts, which to me was a really charming touch. We were handed two keys, informed that the mini bar is included (yepp), and were ready to finally dive into our weekend.

Fine Dining

The hotel has a 2 full-fledged gourmet restaurants, several elegant bars, and even a seasonal fondue place. And since we’re very big on food, their restaurants is exactly where we headed right after arriving.

Gasthof Zur Weissach

On our very first evening we went for a dinner at a more traditional of the two restaurants. It’s a very conventional Bavarian-styled place, with heavy furniture, very hearty dishes, and a service to boot. The menu is comfortably short, broken into a few sections, with only several dishes in each. Their cuisine features dishes from the infamous Russian borscht, to oysters, vegan dishes, fish, and some very alpine-ish things like deer and various other game variations.

In the end, we tried a whole bunch of things from quail, to Bavarian bouillabaisse, deer’s back, game fillet, and the best Kaiserschmarrn I’ve ever had. All things considered, not only would I highly recommend Gasthof Zur Weissach, but I believe it greatly compliments the hotel’s heartily-elegant style.

Mizu Sushi Bar

On our second evening, it was time to try the hotel’s take on Japanese cuisine. We had a selection off Mizu’s a-la carte menu, starting off with a few appetizers, several dishes from the main menu, and finishing off with a few petite desserts accompanied by a glass of Masumi Yuzushu (a must try!). Overall, an excellent selection, rock-solid sushi quality, and absolutely wonderful lounge-like atmosphere that kept us there for almost 3 hours. On balance, Mizu’s a tremendous spot that wonderfully blends together European and Japanese design, and a great way to spend an evening at Hotel Bachmair Weissach.


On the breakfast front, the selection is decent, but overall it’s nothing to write home about. There’s a vegan section, a great selection of teas and pastries, freshly squeezed juices and mixes, eggs and omelets, and more. Yet, somehow every morning I found myself struggling to find anything that catches my fancy. But frankly, with so many other things going for it, breakfast was neither a turn-off nor a deal-breaker.

Wellness and Spa

A big part of hotel’s appeal to us was its spa and wellness. And it really, really shines on this one. With a warm pool, a Finnish sauna, steam rooms, hot beds, aroma rooms, plus all kinds of cosmetic treatments and massages – all made our weekend one bid unwind. But what made all this pretty “standard” lineup special for me is Bachmair’s luxurious touch and their attention to finer details, like the sound ambiance across the area, cucumber and lime water coolers everywhere, healthy snacks, and very subtle staff that was borderline invisible. All this and more really made it one of the best and most elegant spa’s I personally ever been to.


In the end, we truly had one of the absolutely best weekends in a while. To my mind, Hotel Bachmair Weissach really has a lot going for it. First off, wonderful design: that sensual equilibrium point between Bavaria’s very special blend of countryside flair and modern-y elegance: wrapped in a luxurious execution that makes you enjoy every minute of being. Secondly, the spa and wellness really gave us a chance to have fun, unwind, and disconnect from the routine. Finally, the gourmet aspect of the hotel’s restaurants and bars was classy, snug, atmospheric, and with rock-solid food and service. All those things, at a very decent price point, add up to a very special getaway place with a home-away-from-home kind of feel that leaves you wanting more.

This time around we’ve seen Hotel Bachmair Weissach in Winter, and it’s been absolutely marvelous. And now, I’m looking forward to experience it in the Summer too. This truly is Design Hotels at its finest. Highly recommended.

Our stay was kindly offered to us by Hotel Bachmair Weissach, but all opinions are our own. Text by Roman, photo and video by me, Anastacia.

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